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Dinner, dancing, a picnic by the park or a whole night full service, we will organize a date for you, with a deliciously gorgeous man and ensure that your time together is exactly what you desire.

We are committed to ensure we create that special experience you’re looking for, call 03-9948-0626 in Melbourne so we can start to plan your date together.

Male To Female Escort Service

Male To Female Escort Service

We want clarify that our men gets paid only for the time and companionship they provide and agreed upon client’s booking.

Whatever may or may not happen during the time with our escort depends exclusively on what two or more consenting adults agreed upon. Its not a matter of personal preference and its always the subject of what services the client booked for.

To obtain a detailed quotation, please contact us– preferably by phone – to explain your requirements and give specific information. We can then proceed with making all the arrangements and booking.

We assure you that our rates are fair and transparent. Be advised that they do not include travel, hotel, transport and other expenses outside the basic service rate. These have to be covered separately.

For more information and questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Every Lady is Welcome
It does not matter how young or old you may be, you are welcome to call, book and spend some quality time with any of our great men. Our clients vary in ages from 18 to late 50s and we assure you that we provide you the best man suitable for your needs and desires. Most of our escorts are adaptable to all needs of a woman which extremely fits well to most personalities and situations.

So no matter who you are or what you may need we have the perfect man for you, call us today and rediscover your most intimate, sensual, sexual nature and take it to an new level with one of our men.

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