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My Aphrodisiac – Sexy Fun With Food

I’m a Head Chef and am obsessed with food. I think of food as a woman’s fine curves – sensual, pleasing to the eye and touch and delicious to taste, just like a pussy.

So it will probably come as no surprise the story I’m about to tell …

I’ve booked my favourite escort as she knows who and what I’m all about. She wears a long black trenchcoat with nothing underneath. My table is set, food is prepared I leave my front door open, I have five minutes to prepare but I know she’ll already be there. She is my canvas and I am her artist.

I place the food on top of her silky smooth skin, but I save the best for last. Her waxed pussy is my glorious prize.

For entrée, I spread her legs apart and plunge my tongue deep into her writhing warm and sweet nectar. Strawberries taste oh so much better dripping with pussy juice, so I insert the fruit into her tight and wet love tunnel, and delight in her pleasure.

Main, spaghetti and meatballs. I love the way the spaghetti wraps around her perfect set of DDs, the meatballs precariously falling from her hard upright nipples. Not to fear, I make sure I sensuously lick all the bolognaise sauce from her magnificent Dessert, she is mine. I finish it off by thrusting my rock hard pulsating cock into her, fast and hard. I must have her quivering under me. The urgent need to come is overwhelming, but I hold off until she does first, moaning in ecstasy and delight.

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