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Male Escort In Melbourne – My First Time

Here I am thinking about my c**t, how I haven’t had a rock hard cock in so long I cant remember what sex is. I’m so frustrated that porn has lost its lustre and I have a sore wrist from masturbating so much.

I decide to ‘order in’ for the first time in my life. I’m 45 just out of a very bad marriage and horny as hell. There are carrots and cucumbers in the fridge but I want the warmth only a man has to offer.

So I call an escort agency to see who is available to come and pleasure me, by now I want the wait to be over and the knock at the door NOW!!!!!

The receptionist (Joanna) tells me he brings his own massage table and that he is a professional masseur, I am already wet and flustered.

Finally I hear the sweetest sound in the world, what a beautiful noise, all of a sudden I am nervous, really fucking nervous. Questions flock in my mind, will he be all that as Joanna has said he is.

Before I open the door still nervous (actually fucking petrified) my shaking hand finds the door knob – the door swings open and here I see the most amazing man I have ever seen – what a guy, I can only hope he has a huge fat cock.

After me not being able to talk he sets my mind and ease and I almost instantly relax, he has it all, looks, body and that big thick shaft is just what the doctor ordered.

I keep thinking of his face embedded in between my legs and the reality is much, much better. He satisfies me like no man before so much so that I want to keep him.

I ended up booking him for the entire night………I’m sore and satisfied and oh what a feeling!!!!!!

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